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If you are more than interested to get free international calling and messaging despite of making use of conventional calling features provided by your mobile carrier then VoIPs are the perfect solution. There is presently numerous voice over internet protocol providers (VoIPs) available in the market. But most of them are constrained to PCs or Macs. You need not worry to utilize this feature on your mobile devices as Viber is an all in one solution which is gaining repute by reaching millions of users the world over. It uses Wi-Fi or mobile network’s data to send and receive calls and messages. People are getting more and more towards VoIPs due to reduced costs of their mobile data and unlimited data usage over Wi-Fi.

Simply speaking, Viber is a feature rich mobile VoIP application that fully integrates with the voice calling as well as the messaging of your handheld. As it bypasses your mobile carrier, communication through Viber is completely free. Viber has many features which take it to the high end amongst its contemporary mobile VoIPs. The only downside is, Viber only allows free functions when calling or messaging under its widespread community. But never mind, it provides liberty to invite others and if they download Viber, you can seamlessly communicate with your loved ones.

Download viber

The features provided by Viber through its mobile application are:

  1. Full integration with mobile device’s core communicating functions and uses your mobile number, thereby you are not required to register, manage its password or wait for invites.
  2. Seamless free calls and messages to millions of Viber users with no possible limit.
  3. Introduction of group messaging for up to 100 users in a group. (This is invariably quite large!)
  4. Widespread reach.
  5. Auto sync with your phone contacts
  6. Availability of over 1000 stickers for making your conversation funny and never boring. Stickers can be downloaded and installed by visiting the corresponding application store for particular mobile OS.

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Every application has some drawbacks; this is also true for Viber. The application lags due to these:

  1. No option to call and message to the people out of Viber community, although, calls to those can be initiated from Viber but, it is charged as per your mobile carrier.
  2. Non availability of this marvelous communicating media to still existing Nokia Symbian users.
  3. Dependence of call quality entirely on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signalling. But the patented HD calling feature minimizes this problem to a great extent.

However, updates to the application are provided for users on a timely basis by Viber as it is committed to provide full fledge usability to its users.

On the application front, it is not a heavy file, downloads with no delay and installs with a single click. User friendly interface, availability of customizing features and most important offering free calls and messages directly corresponds to the increasing popularity of Viber. However, the application requires a working internet or Wi-Fi connection for communicating with the server and providing much functionality. For present, it is available on every mobile platform, including Android (Mobile and Tablets), iOS (iPhone and iPads), Windows Phone 7, 8 and the latest addition is to Windows 8.1 PCs.

Download Viber by visiting on your mobile device or by visiting the application store of your device.

WhatsApp, New Features

Some of the latest news and developments about WhatsApp are pretty cool. First off, the latest update of WhatsApp was released on August 26, which includes some new features. And WhatsApp has been instrumental in bringing the world together in a series of small, yet heartwarming events.


New WhatsApp Features

First off, the new features available with the latest WhatsApp update, version 2.12.250. This update includes several new Emojis/emoticons, including a Vulcan greeting for Trekkies (live long and prosper) which comes six months after the passing of Leonard Nimoy who portrayed Mr. Spock in the original series. Another gesture involves a certain finger that is a bit ruder in nature. These are available in multiple skin tones, which is a great step on the part of WhatsApp, showing that they are really embracing their status as an international force. Currently the updated Emojis are available for WhatsApp on the Android platform, but they should make their way to the iPhone, Blackberry and other platforms soon.

The other new feature is a “mark as read/unread” option. Just like in your email, you can mark a message as “unread” if you want to have a reminder to go back to it later. Similarly, if you want to clear the new message notification on an unread message, but don’t feel like reading it right now, you can mark it as “read” from your inbox.

WhatsApp News around the World

WhatsApp has been a key player in some international events recently. In India, the Patidar community has been demonstrating to demand that the government grant them Other Backward Class status, which would give them increased access to educational funding and public sector employment. Social media, WhatsApp in particular, was responsible for spreading the word and allowing the youths to organize their demonstrations, which reached a climax on August 25. The demonstrations that day were attended by over half a million people, thanks to WhatsApp and the organic, grass roots organization by activists and volunteers.

In other news, a man is using WhatsApp to reunite the alumni of his graduating class, who are now dispersed and settled across the globe, in the world’s first ever social media-based international walkathon. His group has 83 members, all from KEB’s class of 1989, who have downloaded a pedometer app and are tracking their progress in the WhatsApp group. They have submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s First International WhatsApp Walkathon”, which is currently being evaluated.

Lastly, WhatsApp has been the primary means to send holiday greetings for Onam in both English and the Malayalam language that is native to the culture who celebrates this holiday. Onam is a Hindu festival celebrating the annual visit of the mythical King Mahabali to Kerala during their rice harvest season. Happy Onam! Onam Varavayi!

These events demonstrate what WhatsApp is all about: connection without borders or limitations. Whether you are fighting for the rights of your community, or keeping in touch with your college buddies from 25 years ago, WhatsApp makes it easy and free.

Line: a Social App that Comes Fully Equipped

If you haven’t heard about LINE, you’re not alone; this instant messenger/ social network combo app has been a huge hit in Japan, where it was first developed, and while its global reach is growing by the hour, it’s still not an app that has received much coverage. All of that is about to change, though. With 600 million total users, a number which is growing rapidly, LINE is on track to become one of the most talked about messaging applications today. To put it simply, what has made LINE so popular so fast is how it integrates the normal instant messenger application with a social network experience that is fun, easy to use and best of all, totally free!


As an instant messaging application, LINE doesn’t disappoint. LINE users can send and receive text and picture messages, make voice calls and video calls, and set up group chats, all with an attractive and intuitive interface that makes using the app a delight. One of the features that LINE users love most is the enormous collection of emoticon “stickers” that you can find in the Sticker Shop, which is the largest sticker library of any app worldwide. These stickers add a lot of personality and expression to your messages that you generally can’t achieve with just words. They are fun, colorful and some are animated. You can find stickers with original LINE characters, or with some of your favorite characters from anime and manga series as well as Disney characters and others. Buying a sticker pack as a gift is an instant and affordable way to show your friend that you’re thinking of them. Your sticker options are essentially infinite; new stickers are released every week, including some special limited edition stickers for once in a lifetime events.

The social network aspects of LINE merge with the messaging part in a way that feels totally natural. You get your own LINE Timeline where you can post pictures, your plans, or whatever is on your mind… and of course, your stickers! You can comment on your friends’ posts, too, making LINE a fully equipped social network that doubles as an instant messenger. You can play with your friends at a number of interactive LINE games, cooperatively or competitively, which you can’t find anywhere else. Follow the official LINE accounts of your favorite artists, celebrities, brands, stores, and restaurants for exclusive LINE-only news, gossip and special deals and coupons. LINE has just about anything you could possibly want from your instant messenger service.

A free LINE download is accessible to just about everyone: Android devices, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia, as well as desktop apps for your Windows PC or Mac OS computer. You can have your LINE account on your smartphone and your computer, where all of your contacts, messages and activity will be synced, so you’ll never miss a thing no matter where you are. Get started with your free LINE account and see what you’ve been missing out on all this time!

Send Free Messages and Calls with Viber

If you are living on the other side of the globe from your family or travel frequently, you know how challenging and expensive it can be to stay connected to the people you care about. We can share our thoughts and photos with social media, but there’s something special about a good, old fashioned phone call that really makes you feel connected to your loved ones around the world. With the application Viber, you can get that feeling no matter how far away you are from home, and best of all, you can do it for free.


Viber is a free application that allows you to call any other Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free, with absolutely no limitations. And because there are times when a text message is more appropriate than a phone call, Viber also offers free unlimited text and picture messaging. Viber doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, choosing instead to offer the features you really need and focusing on call quality. Viber can make calls over Wi-Fi or your 3G data network, depending on connection availability and your phone’s settings (if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you might want to use Viber only over Wi-Fi connection; Viber won’t charge you for calls, but your carrier might charge you for using your data).

Viber has awesome support in terms of the number of devices that are able to use it. The application is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Bada, and there are also PC versions available for Windows and Mac. However, Viber realizes that not everyone has a smartphone or internet connection, and they really want to make sure you can connect with everyone, anywhere in the world. That’s why they have their Viber Out feature, which allows Viber users to call landline or mobile phones that don’t have Viber anywhere in the world for very low rates. You can easily set up your account to use Viber Out and buy credits to be used for Viber Out calls on their official website. And if you don’t want the hassle of buying credits again and again every time you’re running low, you can set up Auto Top-Up, which will automatically reload your Viber Out credits using the saved payment method of your choice.

Aside from free or low cost calls with great call quality, Viber has a few smaller features that may not seem like a big deal, but make the Viber experience more fun and enjoyable. Chief among these is that Viber doesn’t display any annoying ads, when a lot of free applications do. Another feature is the sticker gallery; when you install Viber, you will automatically have a certain collection of stickers loaded to your account which you can add to messages to make them more expressive and entertaining. You can also peruse the sticker gallery for more types of stickers if you want a bigger selection or if you want your favorite cartoon character in your messages. Some sticker packages are free, while others can be purchased at a low cost.

Viber is really the best application if you are away from your loved ones and want the personal connection of a real phone call, especially if you have anyone in your family who only has access to a landline phone.