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The Telegram messenger app is a revolutionary new application for mobile devices and computers. This app is similar to texting except it is more powerful because it allows the user to send documents and videos as well as photos and messages. You can also access your information from any device that has the telegram app downloaded on it. Another cool feature is that you can use your contacts to send information to other users with Telegram installed and you can create groups so if you want to send out a mass message, you can easily do so. The Telegram messenger is cloud-based and provides strong encryption so that the information you send through it will not be compromised. Even though Telegram’s initial encryption is strong, there is a secondary level of encryption that is even stronger. This encryption is call secret chat. Secret chat is so strong that it is encrypted from end to end meaning the message is entirely encrypted and safe. This form of encryption allows only the users who sends and receives the message to read it. When using secret chats, you can also cause the messages to self destruct. There is a timer that will appear on the screen so that the person will know when the message is going to self destruct. When the message self destructs, the message will disappear from both devices and there will be no way to trace them.

The Telegram is very fun and useful app. However, there are currently a few features that are not fully developed. First, that app is currently available in English, Spanish, and Arabic with more language however; the language base is currently being expanded with even more languages. You cannot currently make calls or record messages. You also cannot hide your online status at this time. Even with these features not fully developed, you have to admit that this is a great application and it allows the user to enhance their communication with others to the max.

telegramOficcial Site: Telegram

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What’s Up on WhatsApp

Millions of users worldwide are choosing to use WhatsApp Messenger to stay connected with their friends, family and acquaintances. WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app that allows you to exchange messages for free. Unlike the regular SMSes that rely on mobile networks and cost you money on exchanges, WhatsApp Messenger works on the internet data plan that you use for you emails and lets you send and receive messages at zero cost. It’s a fast and convenient application that connects you to your friend who could be in any corner of the world. All people need to stay connected is smart phones with a stable internet connection.


Also, one other important feature that makes WhatsApp so popular is that it’s available across different platforms and mobile phones. You can install WhatsApp Messenger on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows operating systems too. What’s even better is that these phones can all message each other as well. Multiple device compatibility is one awesome feature that is hard find in most other apps available today. As long as it’s a smart phone that you are using and you have a steady connectivity with either a plan, WhatsApp Messenger will work wonderfully for you.

WhatsApp packs in a whole lot of other features that make connecting with your friends all the more fun and exciting. Apart from the regular texts that you can type and send out, there are a whole lot of emoticons and an adorable set of smileys that you can choose from to share with your friends and acquaintances. In addition to the usual smileys, there is also a collection of symbols that are very useful and creatively designed at the same time. These symbols and icons enhance the quality of interaction and communication amongst the many users.

WhatsApp also allows its users to record their voice and share the audio clip instantly with friends and loved ones. Not just that, you can even share photos, videos and other files available on your phone. Of these features, the one that lets you click pictures from the app is the best of the lot. You don’t have to exit the app to capture a moment, but click in the middle of your conversation with total ease and comfort. All you need to do is click and the picture gets sent automatically in seconds to the person on the other end. And the icing on the cake is the functionality on WhatsApp Messenger that allows you create groups and lets you connect with hundreds of your friends with a single click.

With all these features, that only get better with time and with more of them being added to the list, WhatsApp has brought the world closer and made communication fun, easy and totally affordable. Installing WhatsApp Messenger is absolutely free and you can do it in no time at all. It makes your smart phone a lot smarter than and lets you get your message out to any corner of the world! Instantly!

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Great Tricks That Every Whatsapp Users Should Know

Be able to talk to people all around the world using one of the most popular applications of this year – WhatsApp. Indeed, it has made its way to the top by simply offering people who download it a chance to communicate with their loved ones for free. Aside from this, they were able to make it a multi-platform app so that it would be able to cater to different phone or operating systems.

Now, the app itself is very easy to use and doesn’t require any special tutorial. However, some may think that it is also too plain. It doesn’t have to be – you can also add some small supporting apps that will enhance the usage of your Whatsapp app.

whatsapp tricks

What other apps are compatible with my WhatsApp?

As of now, one of the most used downloaded app is the “Wasap Fake Image Trolling.” This will then use the system’s thumbnail and then would change it to something catchy, funnier and this can also be sent to your existing contacts.

Now for another great trick, try downloading “ChatMate, Emoji Art and Stickers”. Yes it is possible to have apps like this be a part of your Whatsapp. It’s really a great way to enhance your chat messaging experience, as this app will allow you to share and send super cute and fun smiley faces that can perfectly express your mood. Nowadays, stickers are so popular especially that they now can exactly mimic facial expression.

Another similar app is called “Smileys for WhatsApp”, this is like the combination of the two that were mention, you can send stickers and you can also send out those popular “memes”. Best way to express yourself and you’ll have a great time chatting.

Need more than 1 account for Whatsapp? It’s possible – Here’s how

Isn’t it with all the new communication apps being launched lately, the basis of your account is your phone number? Now, some people, for whatever reason may need more than one account and with Whatsapp, with the help of another supporting app it will be possible to have another account.

One needs to download the application names called 2Lines. Now, with this app, the user can create and manage two or even more WhatsApp accounts just from 1 device and it can be accomplished in a simple way.

First things first, you’ll need to download the app named 2Lines for WhatsApp. Same as any app to be downloaded, once you’re done, simply create a new phone number. Now to do this, you will need another service called “FonYou”, again this is also for free. The reason why you would need this is that you get to use these extra phone numbers for registrations.

There are certain precautions to do before completing these steps. Once you’ve installed the app, make sure that you create a security copy of all the chats from your existing WhatsApp Account Settings. It is also important to make sure that within your Account Settings; you may encounter a lot of “hidden” functions which will allow or help you grant the needed Root permissions to 2Lines. This phase is necessary to ensure the correct performance of the application and of course that it will work effectively too.

Once you have the permission for 2Lines to make the changes, just follow the steps so you can register your second account with Whatsapp. Same process is to be expected, and now, you can create two or more accounts on just one device, something that many consider as impossible.

Today, any program or app can be tweaked so it can enhance the capability of the already working app. It may seem exciting to try them all out but since most of them were made by other companies, make sure to check if they are legit.

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Let’s talk about our last tab in Whatsapp: Settings

When tapping on settings you can see: About: it will take you to a small screen showing the famous icon, and 2 different options. Contact us and Help/FAQ.

Tap contact us and it will take you to a little message box that you can send to Whatsapp where they’ll receive your comment/problem. They recommend you to read the FAQ.

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Tap on Help/FAQ and it gives you an extensive, yet easy to navigate, menu of all things Whatsapp. From how to use voice messaging, to what apps can integrate with whatsapp, info on usage in other countries, etc. HAVE SOME FUN THERE FOR SURE.

Tell a friend: gives you different option on sharing this app with other contacts.

Profile: shows your picture, your name, and asks you if you want to import your contacts from Facebook.


Payment info: shows your phone number, and when your “subscription” expires.

Network Usage: Shows many different statistics from number of messages sent/received to byte usage in data.

Change number: you can change your account number which will make your contacts your account info, groups and settings migrate to another device.

Delete my account: It allows you to delete your account. It also shows you the consequences of deleting your account.

Chat Settings: Shows you options like text size and the chat wallpaper. It gives you the option of saving incoming media or not, so when you receive pictures can be automatically stored into your pictures, etc. Shows your blocked list, it allows you to store or backup your chats in iCloud. Also in advanced, you can choose to show or not your “last seen stamp” in a chat, in case you want to go “rogue”.

Notifications: Here you can customize the tone you hear, how the phone can alert you, and different settings for different types of messages.

Network Status: It shows if your device is connected to the network or not.

System Status: It takes you to the twitter feed of the application to let you know if the system is working or not.

Email Conversations: You can email all your conversations in the app to your email. It will let you pick the conversations you’ve had with each contact and then send it directly to your email.

Clear all conversations: I don’t think you need an explanation to this… do you?

Hope this was helpful for you to learn more about the settings of this app. And with this we are done with Whatsapp.

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Continue with our review of the fourth tab ‘Chats’

In the past blog entry we talked about the two top buttons. Edit and Delete all. One thing to clear from the past entry is that Delete All, will only show once you’ve tapped on Edit. It’s like a suboption to the edit version of the screen.


If you are just in the regular ‘Chats’ screen the top screen is taken by the square with pen, which means start a new message. When you tap that, it will take you to your contacts that currently use Whatsapp and you can choose your recipient. This gives you the option to message one person at a time.

If you want to send the same message to many contacts at the time, there’s the ‘Broadcast Message’ button. Tap there, select the contacts you would like to add, type the message (it will also give you the option of taking/adding a pic, a location, a voice memo, or a contact information), and send it away. It will be sent automatically to all those you selected. Important to know is that this Broadcast Message feature is for a one time only message to many people.

If you would like to start some kind of group on Whatsapp where you can send a message to multiple people, and those can get back to you, and everyone can read everyone’s messages, you have to tap on the other button called ‘New Group’. With New Group, you have to go through a similar process experienced in ‘Broadcast Message’. You select all your recipients, and type away, except for this time, you will all be added to a chat window, in which everyone can share whatever they want to share and will be seen by everyone in the group window. This is probably one of the most famous features in this app. I’ve seen multiple people having their own conversations and whatnot, but everyone has multiple group chats, making it a very easy to use and viable app for massive communication to multiple people.

After experiencing group chats with this app, I understand why it has gained such popularity. It is not only very easy to use, but also very fast when sending pictures, messages, and even voice memos. The reliability part is quite nice too. You know when other people not only have received the message, but also know when they have actually seen it, thanks to the little check marks shown right beside each text.

It definitely makes it worth it to download and use.

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Continue with our overview of Whatsapp: Part 2

Let’s talk about the second, third, and maybe the fourth tab in the bottom of the screen of the app.

The second tab on your Whatsapp is “Status“. Basically, everyone can put a little status, which will show right below your name. I’m sure you’ve seen it by now in your contacts, the typical one I’ve seen is “Can’t talk, only Whatsapp” or “Busy“. You can customize it or use one of the already predetermined status options the app gives you.

Once you tap on the second tab, it shows you “Your current status is:”


And it then allows you to put whatever you want. I find quite entertaining to add emojis to it, as Whatsapp will take them all!

If you go all the way down on the status menu it will show you a “clear status” icon. Once you edit statuses they’ll stay added to the other pre/designed ones in the app. So with this button you can get rid of that one embarrassing status you used once when you were in Mexico drunk saying something like “busy, margaritas only“.

The next tab is contacts. If you tap it, you can see all your phone contacts. These are the ones you’ve added manually or even automatically if you have your Facebook linked to your phone, it will also show those contacts. This is the screen where you’ll be able to see who of all your contacts uses Whatsapp too. As their status will show right below their contact info/name.

All of them will be available to receive your messages. They’ll answer if they are still using the app, if not, well… You won’t get an answer.

The fourth tab in the bottom of the screen is ‘Chats’. Tap on the icon, and it will lead you to this screen with all your conversations, ordered by most recent. There’s the edit button on the top left that allows you to delete full conversations. You can delete as many as you want, but with these option, you have to delete them one by one. The button on the top right of the screen though… that bad boy will take care of all your conversations at once, so if you are ready to start brand new and eliminate everything you’ve chatted about with all your contacts, then go ahead, and tap that guy.

We’ll continue with the fourth tab ‘Chats’ in the next blog post.

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Whatsapp Overview: Part 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of an application called Whatsapp, but in case you haven’t we’ll be reviewing it completely in the next couple of blog post.

Whatsapp as many other application of its kind, allows smartphone users to communicate via text through either the data plan offered by your cellphone carrier or through a wireless internet collection.

download whatsapp

This way it allows you to not have to use your precious allowed texts in your plan, and you get to communicate technically for free.

Many other apps do this same feature. I’m sure you’ve used or at least heard of Touch, Viber, LINE, or even the Facebook chat capability. If you have an iPhone, you’ll notice (if you haven’t already) that when you message other iPhone users, the text bubble is colored blue instead of green. That is because communications between iPhones, or any iOS device for that matter, is done through the cell phone data network or the Internet, also eliminating the actual texting usage of your phone. I’m quite positive the developers of these kinda of apps were worried of Apple pulling that move with iOS devices, but since communication between non iOS devices or one iPhone and an Android, these apps will still have plenty of services to offer.

Whatsapp is a free (kinda-almost) application that you can download from the AppStore or Android marketplace. I say almost free because you can download it for free and use it right away, but after a year you gotta pay 99 cents for it. I mean, I’ll tell you right now though, 99 cents for an application that will save you hundreds of texts, maybe thousands, is one of those things that make you happy you know about. Almost like you are cheating the system! And it feels so good!

Once you download the app, and tap on that famous green icon they have, it will lead you to your favorites screen. In this part you can add the people you will be chatting with the most. The app will allow you to search through your contacts and see already who has Whatsapp in their mobile devices, and with just a tap you’ll be able to add them to your favorite list. Once you add them you can tap on edit and you can eliminate them from the list, as well as change their placement.

In order for you to add someone you must have them already in your contacts with their original phone numbers. Meaning, you can use Whatsapp in other countries outside of the US, but you have to have the person’s phone number in that country, with that country code, in order for them to be added to your Whatsapp list. If they are Whatsapp users already, it will show their Whatsapp status right below their name/contact information.

Then you can start chatting it up with them.

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