Download Whatsapp. What’s this “Whatsapp” people are going “gung-ho” about? It has become the talk of the town, from kids to teenagers and adults alike and everyone are talking about it.
Whatsapp is ruling the roost as one of the most download apps in Google store and continues to lead the pack with over 300 million downloads. Whatsapp is proprietary instant messaging software which is available on a host of operating systems and platforms like Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone. Whatsapp Inc. was founded by Brian Acton of US and Jan Koum of Ukraine who is also the CEO in 2009, based out of Santa Clara, California and both were former employees of Yahoo.
Whatsapp has literally revolutionized the messaging services on smart mobile devices. With the advent of Smart devices which have high processing speeds and the power of Internet at their fingertips messaging using Whatsapp has become a whatsapp
Why WhatsApp?

There are many instant online messengers out there in the market, but what differentiates Whatsapp from others is the ease of use and wide range of features it provides. As of today Whatsapp has over 450 million active users online. According to Financial Times, “Whatsapp has done to SMS messaging services, what Skype did to International Calling”.
Whatsapp used to handle around 10 billion messages per day as of August 2012 and due to immense popularity and growing usage it now handles around 27 billion messages per day.

Features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become the de-facto messenger system among the youth. No matter where your friends are, in the state, country or anywhere on the planet, you can always stay in touch with them.
Free of Cost: Whatsapp allows its users 1 year of free usage, after which it charges a nominal fee of $0.99 per year.
Messaging: This is the main feature of Whatsapp. Use it to send messages to your friends and family, which are delivered instantly at free of cost. You just need an internet pack to use this software.
Share your Pictures: Whatsapp provides cross-platform sharing services. Now you can send your favorite photographs and pictures to all your friends. Share beautiful moments and have an incredible time hanging out with your friends.
Voice Messaging: Whatsapp provides innumerable services to its users; voice messaging is one of them. Now leave a voice note, sing a song and record an audio for your loved ones and your family. Send a lovely good morning message or note of congratulations; with Whatsapp, voice messaging has never been easier.
Share files: Whatsapp provides you with features to share flies on the fly. Now send and receive files anywhere and everywhere.
Share Videos: Imagine you are walking down the street and see something funny and capture it on your phone and now you would like to share it with your friends, Whatsapp allows you to share video files through its network. Now enjoy videos and have a fun time sharing it with your friends.
Share Current Location: Whatsapp allows you to share your current location via GPS, which allows your friends to get hold of your location and visit you. Now be in close touch with your friend whenever you want and wherever you want.
Last Seen: Whatsapp allows you to know when your friend was last online. It provides with date and time of the last time the user was active on Whatsapp.

How does Whatsapp work?

Whatsapp uses a customized open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). When installed it creates a user account using your phone number and saves your account name and updates your phone number in the centralized Whatsapp dictionary.
It automatically compares and updates the phone numbers in your contact list and marks with the Whatsapp symbol in your contact list.
Your messages are encrypted and sent over the network which prevent from message hi-jacking and eavesdropping.
Use Whatsapp and have fun. Instant Messaging have never been more fun and easier to use.

Downlaod Whatsapp

WhatsApp (Official)

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